Welcome! I’m Dorothy!

Well…. technically mom named me Dorothea June, but I prefer Dorothy for short. Wait.. just kidding. I prefer Dotty, or Dorts Shorts, or Dots and Spots, or June Bug, or Junnie Bean, or…. oh, you get the point! I am a toy Aussiedoodle (half poodle, half Australia Shephard) and am described as a ball of fun, whatever that means (I thought I was a puppy?)

Any who, I wanted to welcome you to our blog 💙

My mom and I have worked night and day to get this silly site up and running for pet parents everywhere. My mom already runs another blog for wanderlust humans at Ellie’s Travel Tips, but the second she brought me home, she shifted her plans a bit.

My mom has been bloggin’ away for a couple of years now on her travel site, but wanted a change of scene. So what did she do? She rescued me from my last home!!! And, I couldn’t be more happy.

🐾 Dorothy June

My favorite:


  • Sunflower squeaker
  • Cat tunnel with bell
  • Log (with plush squirrels removed)


  • Pig ear
  • Bully stick
  • Freeze-dried chicken
  • Salmon chunks


  • Flying in air
  • Tossing my pig ear
  • Walks
  • Hanging out with mom (in bathroom)


  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Potty bell for outside
  • Tossing my toys
Dorothy June Ewert