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Hi, I am Dorothea’s mother, Ellie. Welcome to Hey Dorothea!

Dorothy, born back in May, met her forever-family in July. Through lots a patience and kisses, Dorothy and I have been through…. a lot. And it’s only month two! Balancing pet-parenthood with over 20 fish and a fresh Aussiedoodle pup has been crazy, and that is exactly why Hey Dorothea was born.

From taking your pup on her first walk to learning about what types of fish can live in the same aquarium, Hey Dorothea provides guidance on how to live your best pet lifestyle. So sit tight, grab your best furry, scaley, or feathery friend, and keep on reading… we have some tips and tricks up our sleeves that will blow your mind!

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Oh hi there! I’m Dorothea!

I am so happy you are here 🐶

My mom created this site and I am soooo proud of her. We spend our days tossing around toys, strolling around our neighborhood, and learning new tricks!

Some of my favorites:

  • I LOVE throwing pig ears! You have to try it… once you do, you won’t go back. pinky promise.
  • Flying. My mom throws me straight up in the air and I go bonkers 🤪
  • Grass… and not the potty pad type (there isss a difference)
  • TjMaxx. Mom brings me here to “socialize” but I always end up leaving with a toy!

Mom and I have lots of plans to travel the world, try new things, and grow our family, so welcome to the clan! We love that you are here with us as we grow and learn together.

🐾 Dorothy June

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